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Still doubt that a handful of dominant elite are setting up a "New World Order?" Still think our “leaders” only do what we ask them to do…that they wouldn’t conspire to erode our national sovereignty, ignore “democratic principles” and use their power against us? All I can say is: Watch the first 45 minutes of this film and you should walk away with all the proof you need. (The "New World Order" elite are real, they've been busy for a very long time and they intend to create a supranational government, that they will control, whether we like it or not.)

My biggest complaint about Invisible Empire is that they put TOO MUCH information in.

I've put together an approximate "Table of Contents" below to make finding information on specific topics / people easier.

If you're interested in getting more information on one of the New World Order's greatest weapons (their control over our money supply) see "Dishonest Money."

Approximate location and duration of some of the topics (and people) covered in Invisible Empire:

0 – 3:18: Jason Bermas (the filmmaker) introduces himself

3:18 – 7:21: The New World Order (This section contains the Kennedy quote about “secrecy” and then continues with video of many well-connected insiders talking about the “New World Order.”)

7:21 – 19:39: Samual Zane Batten’s “New World Order,” Hitler, H.G. Wells, Nelson Rockefeller, Kissinger and George Bush Sr.

19:39 – 23:35: Dick Cheney, University and Institutional chairs, Bill Clinton and others in government

23:35 – 28:45: The United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission 

28:45 – 30:40: Intermission; viewers are asked to please support the filmmakers

30:40 – 40:50: Continues with CFR, UN, Trilateral Commission, (footage of Dick Cheney, Obama, Hillary Clinton and CFR President) 

40:50 – 48:05: The Bilderberg Group

48:05 – 55:55: Eisenhower’s warning and media manipulation

55:55 – 1:08:38: Iran Contra (U.S. drug running, Iranian arms sales, the “October Surprise,” BCCI banking scandal connection, Joe Casolaro “suicide,” Clinton / Arkansas drug scandal, Soviets in Afghanistan – Bin Laden funding, Brzezinski statement, and Bush Sr.'s Pardons)

1:08:38 – 1:15:15: Prescott Bush (helped establish CIA, business connections with Nazis) Project Paperclip, George Bush Sr.’s early connections with CIA, Church Committee investigation into assassinations and corruption, Bush family connection to Hinckley, “Continuity of government”

1:15:15 – 1:18:43: JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations, Princess Diana

1:18:43 – 1:31:56: Gulf of Tonkin, Oklahoma City Bombing, February 26th 1993 attack on the World Trade Center (informant who provided bomb materials secretly taped his conversations with FBI), Brzezinski and Project for a New American Century’s assertion that a “massive threat” is needed to mobilize American opinion, Intelligence Services’ connection to Bin Laden, Hijackers, and 9/11/2001 attacks, additional New World Order quotes and unconstitutional legislation passed in the wake of 9/11

1:31:56 – 1:41:17: Deindustrialization, NAFTA, CAFTA, North American Union, Security and Prosperity Partnership, global financial regulation and establishing global government (Gordon Brown, Obama, and Kissinger on New World Order) 60th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s Communist takeover celebrated with lighting of Empire State Building

1:41:17 – 1:47:07: Global warming, global taxation for world government, Ted Turner, Gates, Buffet, Bloomberg, Rockefeller and others seeking population control

1:47:07 – 1:58:05: Massive NSA spying on citizens, iris scans, implantable microchips,  groups labeled as “extremists / potential terrorists” by the government

1:58:05 – 2:10:17: Occult rituals, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, “cremation of care,” Gay call boys, hypocrisy

2:10:17 – END: Eisenhower’s warning that we could become the slaves of a “scientific, technological elite.”